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Broadwater Boat Breakdown (Boat Fail)

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Our boat suddenly breaks down in the middle of the Broadwater, #GoldCoast what do we do, help!!!

We broke down 2kms from the boat ramp, we can easily row back!! Easier said then done, we were exhausted after about 10mins. The oars that are provided are pretty short and made it difficult, as well as the tide pulling us around. Luckily for us some local legends came to our rescue, they pulled alongside us and offered to tow us back to the boat ramp. We jumped at their offer and soon were on our way.

We soon had our boat out of the water, on the boat trailer, and straight down to #whitewatermarine to see what was wrong with our #evinrude engine. The guy at White Water Marine soon figured out the issue, the O-ring on the connector to the fuel had pierced. He said when we connect we must make sure you are straight and not attaching at an angle. He cut off the connector and replaced it at no charge.

The next day we took our boat out again for an enjoyable day out on the #Broadwater.

Have you ever broken down? Would love to hear your stories.


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